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Luxia is one of the most sought-after original powerhouse Hard Rock and Metal bands in the southwest. Luxia has shared the stage with top-billed, legendary national Rock and Metal bands like Stryper, Pretty Boy Floyd, The Atomic Punks, Red Not Chili Peppers and the Iron Maidens as well as top billed local Phoenix local Rock and Metal bands like Sectas, The Sintrics, Matrix, Rattlesnake Suitcase, Color of Chaos, Empire of Dezire, Latency, Oddity Paradox, Noyes Factory, Stereo Rex and Downhill Trend just to name a few.

Showcasing the powerhouse vocals of Lucia Hassard, the impeccable metal riffs of internationally acclaimed recording artist, guitarist Will Pierce, the thunderous and bass grooves of bassist Daniel Serin, the Iconic kit bashing percussion of Drummer Ken-Ball Holly and the captivating sounds of keyboardist Ryan Harlan.

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